Active member of ANAS, doctor of technical sciences, professor

Date of birth: 02 May 1935
Place of Birth: Geranboy District, Azerbaijan Republic 
Scientific degree: Doctor of Technical Sciences 
Title: Professor, academician
Total number of scientific publications: 568
Number of scientific publications printed abroad: 333
Number of patents: 98
Staff training: 37 Ph.D and 11 Doctors
Place of work: Institute of Control Systems of ANAS
Position: Director
Service tel.: (+994 12) 5390151
Fax: (+994 12) 5392826

Telman Abbas ogly ALIEV was born on the 2nd of May 1935 in Geranbey District of Azerbaijan in an office worker’s family.From 1943 till 1953 he learned at a school of Geranbey District of Azerbaijan. In 1953 he entered the Azerbaijan Industrial Institute named after M.Azizbekov. He graduated from the Institute in 1958. After graduating from the Institute, he was sent to the Computer Centre (now it is the Institute of Cybernetics). He worked there as a technician, engineer, senior engineer till 1962. In 1962 he entered his post-graduate courses (Professor Vladimir Victorovich Salodovnikov from the MVTU named after Bauman was his scientific chief). In November 1966 he became Ph. D., Computer Hardware. The theme of his thesis was "Correlation analysis of the standard processes of petroleum refining”.

In 1977 he became the Doctor of Computing Sciences. The theme of his thesis was "Correlation analysis and coding of multidimensional processes in real time scale”. In 1983 he was elected a corresponding member of the Academy of Sciences of Azerbaijan, and in 2001 he became the full member of Azerbaijan National Academy of Sciences. In 1985 he has been given a title of Professor.

In 1982 he was appointed the deputy director of scientific work in the Institute of Cybernetics. From 1984 till May, 1988 he worked as a head of sub-faculty of the Azerbaijan Construction Institute. From 1988 up to now he works as a director of the Institute of Cybernetics.

He is married and has two children. His wife, Tamilla Mamed gizi ALIEVA, born in 1941, works as an associate professor at Azerbaijan State Petroleum Academy. His daughter, Rzayeva Vafa, born in 1963, Ph.D., Medicine, the teacher of medical secondary school №2. His son, Aliev Elchan, an economist, works in FAO UN (food and agriculture organization of the United Nations).

Telman Aliev is the author of some fundamental works which are performed on a joint of cybernetics, computer science and physics. From them it is possible to note the following works:

– Theory and technology of robust correlation and spectral analysis of noisy signals allowing eliminating the influence of the noise on processing results under the lack of obedience to such classical conditions as the normal distribution law and the absence of the correlation between the noise and the useful signal.

– Theory and technology of improving the adequacy of identification, recognition and diagnostics under the lack of obedience to such classical conditions as the normal distribution law and the absence of the correlation between a noise and a useful signal.

– Technology of improving the stipulation of correlation matrices with balancing relative errors of their elements.

– Adaptive position-selective technology of discretization of continuous signals allowing determining the quantization of time proceeding from the high frequency spectrum of a noise. That makes it possible to eliminate losses of a certain part of information that is typical for traditional principles of analog-digital conversion.

– Theory and technology of the analysis of a noise as a carrier of useful information.

– Theory and position-binary technology of the analysis of cyclic noisy signals and noises.

– Theory and technology of the noise monitoring of the latent period of the origin of a defect and the noise monitoring of failures.

– Principles of realizing multichannel analog-digital converters with synchronous mini code delta modulation and with compression of multidimensional continuous signals.

– Technology and system of receiving and analysis of seismic acoustic information from deep layers of the ground by means of steel tables of preserved deep oil wells of exhausted deposits which allow one to realize noise monitoring of the origin of abnormal seismic processes in regions with high seismic activity.

– The distributed intellectual system of noise monitoring of the technical condition of high-altitude buildings and strategic objects of cities of regions with high seismic activity.

– Technology and system of noise monitoring of the latent initial stage of the origin of cardiovascular diseases.

The total number of the published works is more than 350. Many of his works are published in journals "Theory and Control System” №3 1995, №3, 1997, №1 1998, №5, 1998, №6, 1998, "Electrichestvo” №11 1966, №10 1996, "Avtometriya” №4,5 1974, №1 1975, №4 1977, №4 1995, №3 1997, №2, 1998, №5, 2001, "Cybernetics and Systems Analysis”, №4, 2008, "Avtomatika i Telemechanika”, №5, №6 1998, "Avtomatika i Vychislitelnaya Technika”, №2,5 1998, №5, 1999, №1,4,5, 2000, №1,2,4 2001, №1,6 2002, №2,3,6 2003, №3, 2004, №4,6 2005, №5, 2006, №2, 2007, №1, 2008, "Oil Equipment” №1, 2000, №3, 2001, №3, 2002, №11, 2004, "Pribory i Sistemy Upravleniya” №8 1969, №3 1971, №7 1973, №7 1978, №8 1996, №12, 1997, "Measurement Technique”, №3 1970, №8, 1972, "Devices and Experiment Technique”, №6, 1973, DAS, NAS of Azerbaijan, №1, 1976, №4,5, 1990, №2, 1998, №3,4, 1999, №1-3, 4-6, 2001, №3-4, 2002, Bulletin of inventions of the USSR №22, 1974, №12, 1976, №8, 1980, №27, 1981, №9, 1982, №2,4,7,13,27,40, 1983, №27, 1984, №23, 25, 1985, №23,37,1986, №23,1988, №40, 1999, Patent No I20080050, 2005, Patent No İ20080049, 2006, Inernational Application No PCT/AZ2005/000006, 2006, Inernational Application No PCT/AZ2006/00000, 2007.

He is the author of 10 monographs. It is possible to note the following ones: Experimental Analysis, Mashinostroenie, Moscow, 1991, 242p., Robust Technology with Analysis of Interference in Signal Processing, Kluwer Academic/Plenum Publishers, New York 2003, 199р., Digital Noise Monitoring of Defect Origin, Springer-Verlag, London 2007, 235 р.

He is also the author of 98 patents. Under his direction more than 37 postgraduates became Ph.D. of Computer Science and 11 scientists became Doctors of Computer Sciences.

Telman Aliev was the main organizer and till 1976 the head of the laboratory, "Computer", which was created in 1958-1960. It was the second laboratory among the Soviet Republics after the analogous one in the Ukraine. It played decisive role in the development of information science in Azerbaijan. He was the member of the board of the society of Information Science and Computer Technique, the member of the expert council on Information Science, Computer technique and Cybernetics in the USSR.

In 1991 Telman Aliev was awarded with the medal named after Keldish. From 1994 he is included in the number of the experts of "UNESCO" on information science. In 2004 he was awarded with the Order of Glory of Azerbaijan Republic.