Active member of ANAS, doctor of technical sciences, professor

Date of birth: 02 May 1935
Place of Birth: Geranboy District, Azerbaijan Republic 
Scientific degree: Doctor of Technical Sciences 
Title: Professor, academician
Total number of scientific publications: 587
Number of scientific publications printed abroad: 383
Number of patents: 109
Staff training: 37 Ph.D and 12 Doctors
Place of work: Institute of Control Systems of ANAS
Position: Head of departament #1 “Identification methods and control systems”
Service tel.: (+994 12) 5394384
Fax: (+994 12) 5392826

Academician Telman Aliev took part in the 9th International Transport Problems Conference & Symposium

29.07.2019 / Conferences, assemblies1149

On 26-28 June 2019, the 9th International Transport Problems Conference & Symposium was held in Katowice, Poland. The conference was attended by over 90 scientists and researchers from 23 countries.
Academician Telman Aliev, Director of the Institute of Control Systems of ANAS, made a presentation on the “Possibilities of using noise technologies in ensuring railway transport safety in seismically active regions” at a plenary session on 26 June and gave detailed information about the noise monitoring technology developed at the Institute of Control System and its industrial application.
T. Aliev's presentation caused great interest, and wide discussions took place around the conversation. On 26-27 June T. Aliev, Professor of the Silesian University of Technology Alexander Sladkowski, Professors Velizara Pencheva and Rosen Ivanov of the University of Ruse (Bulgaria), Professor of the Russian University of Transport Valentina Tarasova, Professor of the Magnitogorsk State Technical University Alexander Rakhmankulov, Director of the Research Institute of Machine Mechanics (Georgia) Academician Tamaz Natriashvili and Professors Georgy Tumanishvili and Jamil Gasimov of the Georgian Technical University exchanged views on the use of the new technologies and the collaboration with the Institute of Control Systems of ANAS.
Scientists from the Romanian Technical University and the Lithuanian Technical University also declared their willingness for cooperation.
At the session “Problems of Modern Logistics” on 26 June, Head of the Foreign Relations and Innovations Department  of the Institute of Control Systems of ANAS T. Babayev told the participants about the joint project initiative of digital transport corridor and transport security within the framework of the Chinese “New Silk Road” and “One Belt, One Way" in the EC HORIZON 2020 and HORIZON EUROPE 2021-2027 Framework Research Programs.
The project involves creating an intelligent seismic hazard warning system along the main line, the subsystems for noise control of the latent period for the onset of malfunctions in railway tracks, bridges, tunnels and communications along the entire route, as well as the extensive use of digital technologies in multimodal transportation.
T. Babayev urged the research organizations participating in the conference to create a consortium to participate in this project.
During the conference, numerous meetings were held with scientists from Poland, Bulgaria, Romania, Lithuania, Latvia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, who expressed a desire to collaborate with the Institute of Control Systems under the leadership of Academician Telman Aliyev, and preliminary agreements on cooperation were reached.